Steve Bacon is a Graphic Illustrator who lives in Auburn, Washington, with his lovely wife Evette of twenty-five years and their three beautiful sons Jacob, Jordan, and Trevor. He also has two older brothers Randy & Jeff, and an older sister named Diana. They are all close and spend as much time together as possible with many game nights. 

Steve was introduced to board games by his late father Arthur Bacon "RIP" as a very young child. His dad took all his penny's back then, but the strategy games like Risk, Monopoly, and Clue really peaked Steve's interest. Even his late mother Yvonne Marie "RIP" played Scrabble with him all the time growing up. Steve went on to play Axis & Allies with all his friends as a teenager, and of course migrated to video games playing Atari, Sega, and Nintendo. Later on, Steve would shift to PC games such as Age of Empires. But his passion in board & card games never slowed down. 

Steve and his brother Randy started creating games together as a hobby. Jeff would get involved too and was even the butt of a newly created game called Jeff's Journey. It was a creative hobby the brothers shared together with many card, gambling, and board games getting invented. Dad played them all. The Pirate game was originally formed using superhero cards with a pot of money being the main goal. The pot eventually turned into a treasure chest that Randy hand carved. This is when Steve changed the game into a full-blown Pirate board game. Steve has since taken the old concepts and transformed it into what is now known as "Pirate Kingdom". The Bacon Brothers passion of playing games thanks to their dad has led them to become the "Bacon Bros".

The legacy lives on with Steve's three sons as they often play games together. They each take part in his game ideas to give their input, testing, creative ideas, and Jacob has even invented his own game called "Interplanetary" with Steve's help. Jeff's son, Josh, also takes part along with the rest of the family. The Bacon Bros live on! They hope you enjoy playing their games as much as they enjoy creating them.