Welcome to Interplanetary!

Discover the universe stocked full of resources within an assortment of planetary systems, asteroid fields, and wormholes. Can you create an energy source that will rule all civilizations and bring unlimited power back home?

You are an alien force with an arsenal of ships to carry out your mission to create the mighty Dyson Sphere that will hoard all power. To create this, you must harvest resources from different planets until your able to build all three-parts of a Dyson Sphere. However, you will also need to build an inventory of ships to battle against other players in their attempt to build their own sphere and space force. Your Cargo ships harvest all resources, the Spy ships steal other player's resources, the Fighter ships can battle rivals, and your Space Station will blockade and protect you while gathering an additional resource each turn. Strategize and steal from your competitors or out maneuver them in space. You can even take control of a special planet with independent life forms that supplies additional power and abilities to help you succeed in your mission. Be cautious of the hazardous asteroid field with unique events. Good luck recruit!

For 2-6 players plus expansion options. (30-45 min. game length)